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Hardware Products for AIoT Applications We are releasing a wide selection of AI products AIoT projects. Here you’ll find the latest AI Hardware updates and comprehensive support. Please feel free to leave comments/suggestions and share your experience. Intel Galileo, Edison ReSpeaker info about ReSpeaker series products Wio Terminal Wio Series Simplify IoT Development. Arduino & Seeeduino Arduino, Seeeduino Serials and mutants. Share your problems and experence on arduino compatible board such as seeeduino/stalker, etc. Grove Grove is a modulated, ready-to-use tool set. Much like Lego, it takes a building block approach to assembling electronics. Azure Sphere Dev Kit Welcome to ask questions or discuss anything related to Azure Sphere products BeagleBone Capes Air602 WiFi Module Have a question about Air602 WiFi Module? Ask here! BeagleBone w600 Module and Development Boards A low-cost and pre-certified module, the w600 Module is ready to help scale your project into a product. Leave feedback and questions here! Wearables Xadow series products. LinkIt ArduPy SZ2U Problems about those products which have a SZ2U tag on the Product page, please post topics on this module. mbed Maker 4 Maker Cross Platform Compatibility Suli is the abbreviation for Seeed Unified Library Interface , it is a consistent API that fits all sorts of platforms (like Arduino, Raspberry Pi, mbed and etc) New Product Ideas If you have a new product idea, let us know here! Complaints and Suggestions Please post any suggestions or complaints that you have for Seeed, Seeed products and services, and we’ll make it better for you. Starter Kit Any problem about ARDX kit, Grove - Starter Kit (Plus),etc, you can post here. DSO Nano SmartHome LaunchPad Mechanics Mechanical structure, robots, shells. Raspberry Pi Applications/questions using Raspberry Pi with Seeed products, please post it here. DSO Quad Tech support before 2012 For Reference only, can not reply Xadow Pebble Xadow strap for Pebble Time DSO Touch Bee series & WSN wireless communication and related Bees. To Be Classified Can’t find a proper forum to drop the topic, drop here. Shields Ardiuno Compatible shields RePhone DSO
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