reComputer J30 Install problems

Hello, regardless what I try to install on my new reComputer (eg flatpak, or Jetpak 5.1.2 and others.) J30 I get the following error
ERROR. Procedure for A_kernel update FAILED
I’m new to this Forum and new to the reComputer J30 so please be patient with me.

Here are a few points for you:

  1. Did you follow the J30 installation tutorial on the wiki?
  2. Is your Ubuntu 18.04 (best) /20.04? 22.04 Ubuntu can’t refresh (NVIDIA issue)
  3. Are you using a virtual machine? (can 't refresh) Please use a Linux host
  4. Confirm whether you want to download JP5.1.1 or JP5.1.2 (click the button at the top to see the tutorial for the respective version number)


My J30 came pre-installed with Ubuntu 20.04 and Jetpack 5.1.1. I am not using a virtual machine. I read in an nvidia topic that it is possible to upgrade from 5.1.1 to 5.1.2 without reflahing. This is one of the activities which failed with the previously noted error message. I did however manage to install the docker image in which the image identification inference software runs and it works.

Hello, which step in the wiki did you have an error? Can you emit the failure logs? This helps me troubleshoot errors

When I enter sudo apt show nvidia-jetpack, it tells me I have version 5.1.2-b104 installed which means in this case that the error message was eronious

Because I haven’t documented my problems properly up until now, I think we can close this topic and I will gather better evidence before opening a new topic.
Thanks for responding.