LinkStar-H68K-0232 Router Firmware Updates

I bought the wired version. I am hugely disappointed that a lot was promised (for example, running Ubuntu) but very little supplied, and support is sketchy.

Also the tools to flash to emmc only are supplied for windows.

I would return it for my money back if it wasn’t such a huge hassle.

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I flashed openwrt to eMMC yesterday. I did struggle with the online instructions as they were not great. However, it does seem more stable now which is good news.

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Hey Paul, glad it worked out. They added a lot of functionality t the available snapshot they created, but I found I had to add a bit more. A few things I might suggest you do or look for along the way:

  1. Change up the defaults (always change the password) and configure to your needs.
  2. Harden the router for security (plenty of content in the OpenWrt forum and wiki on that).
  3. Run an opkg update from the command line or software update from Luci and install any new packages you need.
  4. The luci-app-uhttpd package will faciltate with the hardening process. After install, check the Redirect all HTTP to HTTPS box and click Save & Apply.
  5. Know that if you install adblock and luci-app-adblock, the Luci interface will not work correctly so you will need to configure from the command line
  6. Know that for banip, there is no Luci interface package available in the available repositories (luci-app-banip is not available). Again you will need to configure from the command line.
  7. The Argon theme that is preinstalled is cool. You will find that installing the luci-app-argon-config package to be very cool if you want to tweak it.
  8. The preinstalled NAS - Samba works out of the box. Depending on who accesses, you you may want to to configure shares and passwords for your users.
  9. SQM works awesome and keep the bufferbloat down, but remember you’ll need to tune it to work properly.

For the Luci UI issues above, it sure would be great if someone from Seeed Studio would:

  • Respond to any of these…
  • Let us know when the next release will be
  • Set up their fork of ImmortalWRT with a build-bot or Github repo to auto-build snapshots like most maintainers of an OpenWrt software fork do
  • Worked with the OpenWrt community to provide their code back upstream or made some pull-requests so they can support this device - as advertised…

Bueller? Bueller? Anyone from Seeed Studio that can give us an update?

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Hey Ron, Excellent I will make the changes :slight_smile:


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