LinkStar H69K Erase Tool not loading in RKDevTool v2.84 / Boot loader download

I’m trying to install OpenWRT on the H68K i just received today, and I cannot follow the instructions, as the erase tool will not load in the RKDevTool - it simply stays ‘greyed out’ as if it is still loading the image, for what seems like ages - i left it for 15 minutes.
This isn’t normal I assume, so i am thinking the erase tool image is not valid in some way? Please help.
Also in the instructions online, it mentions selecting the bootloader, but I cannot find that download:
H68K-Boot-Loader_xxx.bin Can a link please be provided?

With thanks

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I am having the same issues im running it on an older Microsoft surface, which i thought may be the issue> i see on the source forge page there is an android version of this devtool that i am going to try. this is pretty frustrating

I have exactly the same problems.

Hi, Are the Seeed team reviewing this forun at all? Its been 4 days and no support?
Please can you help and point us in the right direction to my two questions.

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I really didn’t have too much trouble getting the image installed. From a standard Windows 11 machine, I downloaded all the tools and images they listed on the install page. The only part that did not work for me was getting into MASKROM mode (and it won’t work in any other mode). Here’s what I had to do to make that happen:

  1. Power off
  2. Connect the USB cable
  3. Press and hold the reset button
  4. Power on
  5. Keep holding the reset button until you see the the RKDevTool report the MASKROM device found.

After that, just keep following the steps to erase the old image and flash the OpenWrt image.

If it still doesn’t work, your unit might be defective.

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there was an error in the files that were originally uploaded to source forge, they have been fixed now

yeah, looks like the images are now fixed. But I still can’t make the openwrt eMMC firmware to work.

I flashed OpenWRT image per instruction, I see the “Download image OK” in the log… but then device reboots and nothing happens. OpenWRT is not loading, all the indicators except Power are silent.

Finally id does work. After cleaninig up the flash, you do NOT need to flash Android firmware first. Flash OpenWRT right after cleanup. Instruction is not clear here. It says that Android firmware should be flashed first.

But WIFI still does not work with OpenWRT firmware…

Is there a different OpenWRT we can install on this?

Here is the link to the steps to flash OpenWRT or any other images onto eMMC with/without Windows.