Linkstar H68K Memory Lacking

Is there a way to upgrage at least the memory. OpenWRT has this warning

That is why I am having so much trouble getting a stable system to work with. Each time I reboot, it is like it loses itself and had to be redone. A waste of time if this can’t be cut down to fit the memory or the memory upgraded at least.

Hey there. Not sure if there is some confusion about storage vs RAM and or MB vs GB, but I am using the smaller non-wireless version of the two H68K versions, the LinkStar-H68K-0232: LinkStar-H68K-0232 - Seeed Studio. It’s packing 2 GB of RAM (about the OpenWrt requirement) and 32 GB of you install on eMMC (about 200x the required OpenWrt storage). Of course if you are installing using the TF/MicroSD card, you need to be using the correct format and large enough storage size. I followed the instructions to the letter here to install on eMMC and had their custom flavor of OpenWrt running without issue since New Year’s Eve: Install Operating System - Seeed Wiki. Good luck.

Both variations of the h68k has more than enough RAM and storage to run OpenWRT. The specs are way above most commercial routers out there. The issue with your settings not persisting is due to some issue with the TF card/eMMC storage. The OpenWRT squashfs image stores customizations on partition 2 of the mmcblk0 (mmcblk1 if TF card). By default mmcblk0p2 is allocated 400.00 MB shared with other apps so you get about 296 MB for apps, docker images, and customization settings.

*Note: in order to use the remaining capacity of your eMMC or TF you will need to follow [OpenWrt Wiki] Extroot configuration

To solve your issue try re-flashing the latest OpenWRT to a new TF card or eMMC. I have a guide on flashing eMMC without the Rockchip Dev Tools and windows also. LinkStar-H68K-0232 Router Firmware Updates - #36 by AvertEuphemism