Bricked my LinkStar H68K, please ,who knows how to unbrick it?

hello dear people from the Seeed forums, i have a question: how do i unbrick my device?its a H68K from linkstar, i cant get the program to flash to see my device in any way…!! sooo, if any one experienced this too, please tell me how to undo this horror on h68k
kind regards , Oscar

Hi, have you read this tutorial?

If so, can you provide a screenshot showing the device status as displayed by RKDevTool?

Try the OpenWRT TF card route. Boot into OpenWRT running on the TF card and then you should have access to the eMMC from there. You should be able to bypass the RockChipDevTools nonsense.

Hello there all you good folks, thank you for your input, ive found a way out of the horror forest, ive managed to flash it after switching usb cable (c) and now its running openwrt once again, thank you very much community.