Xiao IO expander COMING, and Going.. Roll your own. ✌

most people dont know what they are missing with the expansion board and no acrylic case.
fyi put a piece of foam under the acrylic case and over the 8 pins on the right side. These pins stick up high enough that they can short out against wires or metal on the work bench… dont ask me how i know

go ahead and get them the price is going up all the time, im sure you can get a run to work

is the IO Expander Sold Out

how about this product to be modified?

I would love to buy some of these, but the link no longer works?

Hi there,
They do Work, I think they were going to Revise it, so it may be worth the wait if they improve on it. But it does work. :wink: :+1: also there are others albeit LARGER :face_with_peeking_eye: for sale
GL :slight_smile: PJ

Ah, I see, interesting they revise so soon after release! Looks like you can’t buy them anymore (or at least that I can find). What else is for sale?
Thanks, Sam

Hi there,
Yea, just google “port expander arduino”
You get MORE than enough choices…
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Hi there,
I took matters into my own hands, LOL
MORE I/O for the Xiao ESP32S3 .(12 more)
Testing it now. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :+1:


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Hi there,
Can we get SKU# for a XIAO ESP32S3 with the B2B connector only, Don’t need a camera or SD card exp-board. If we as makers are to use this hardware it must be accessible :disguised_face: and :money_mouth_face:Reasonably Priced.
Glad to have a chip with MORE I/O so let us have it! :grin: :+1:
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You mean this?

No, But one Like it, Xiao ESP32S3 it WITH the B2B connector…

Would be great if the same PriceToo!
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what is a BTB connector?.. isnt it the thing on the back?

Hi there,
It’s the Board to Board connector (hence B2B) is what they call it, basically it’s the expansion connector thats on the Sense version. , The Xiao ESP32S3 doesn’t have it unless you order the Sense version with the camera and SD daughter board. (would need a new SKU#) and reasonable price.
It’s WAY better solution than the ridiculous Idea (IMO) :face_with_hand_over_mouth: of putting more inaccessible pins and pads on the bottom of the Xiao and requiring MORE soldering. BAD IDEA! The "MORE I/O " :star_struck:board just plugs in and go. No messing around and fumbling the soldering iron like on the live stream. :face_with_peeking_eye: I can put pins or solder to the pads way easier without any possibility of damaging the MCU or the associated heat unsoldering some unknown component on the top side of the board.
Try DeLidding a Xiao and then apply heat on the bottom (let say too much heat) from too large of a soldering iron, watch the top side components the possibility of developing cold solder joints on some of those .201 or .403 SMT size resistors for example doesn’t take much.
The connector is WAY more reliable.
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you could do any number of connectors or types after that.
like these.

no what i am saying is what i sent you is the XIAO ESP32S3 without the camera module? what else do you need?



Ones and Nines!

Hi there,
Bro , I know what you sent , It’s not what I’m asking.
You see what you sent the connector is NOT! onboard. Get a magnifier if need be, NO conn-nect-tor!
you see it’s only soldered onto the “Sense” sku# , you feel me?
The only way to get a XIAO MCU with the B2B is to order the “SENSE” version and get the sorta lame camera and Second SD card with it, in the case of it fitted to the round display! wasted stuff.
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Look at the pictures close you’ll see it. :face_with_monocle:

None here, You see that difference.

dude the connector is right there… unless you are saying you need a different connector or the web page is wrong… did you click on the link? not trying to be a dick… i truly dont understand

this is the version without the camera and sd board… thats why its half the price with the camera… are you saying you want a different CPU… trying to help because if i cant get it… i mean english is not my second language…

Maybe i am not understanding the difference between sense … and this other non-sense…

Ok ,
Here… No offense taken at all. :grinning: :v: (look closer at what you sent) you’ll see it is NOT there, the pads and footprint is though.

The picture you sent there is NO connector. Right? as in NOT soldered on the board.
GL :slight_smile: PJ

This is why it’s SO important to cover the little stuff, because if you don’t see it or get it, Others won’t either. :+1:

OHHHH WTF… they just decided not to put the connector on? was it a prototype run? that is CRAP!
What da? they deffinatly dont need to make a new SKU… they need to FIX that!.. seriously my eyesight is going bad because i had a detached retina… i totally ASSUMED there was a connector there!

DEF make a post on the VIP Discord

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while we are on this topic, they need to add a flash and maybe IR backlight for the camera
I know the mic is cool too and i know they were running out of IO but it seems like half a package

Also if they can make with a better camera… they should just do it, because who wants a crappy camera when they can pay more?

Wow, lol
I know, hell you would really howl if you saw me trying to solder one on after the fact.
either include it with the existing SKU or add a new one. My money is on the add a new one because they(seeed) isn’t giving anything away for free… (unless it’s a live stream!) :stuck_out_tongue:

GL :slight_smile: PJ

while i’m soap boxing it…
Why not put it on the Xiao ESP32S3 only sku# , why? Well otherwise it’s not expandable or taking advantage of even having a new MCU. It would basically be the same as a “LAME” ESP32C3. IO wise with out it. C’mon seeed DO the RIGHT thing.
Please. :pray:

and the sales page says,
1x UART, 1x IIC, 1x IIS, 1x SPI,11x GPIO(PWM), 9x ADC, 1x User LED, 1x Charge LED
they should qualify the statement to the real world use. You can’t use 11 or 9 there are not enough pins.
so really to be true and correct the connector should be installed. IMHO :bowing_man:

I am assuming this is the difference between engineering and production… but seriously, this product should only be offered as a discount for prototype or manufacturing defect…