Xiao IO expander COMING, and Going.. Roll your own. ✌

Saw this on the linkdIN site… Tried to pre order but the page is broke.

I’m Glad I was going make one of these , now I don’t have too… LOL

Are you ready to supercharge your XIAO projects? Say hello to our brand new IO Expander, designed to take your connectivity and functionality to the next level. :star2:

:electric_plug: Key Features:

MCP23017 Power: Powered by MCP23017 from Microchip Technology Inc., this expansion board utilizes the IIC port with blazing-fast 400 kHz communication.
Expand Your IOs: Break out an additional 16 IOs that can output up to 25mA, with configurable input modes.
Extra Connectivity: With 2 power outputs, 1 Grove IIC bus port, and extra output pads (GND, INTB, INTA, RST), you have all the options you need.

:rocket:But that’s not all! We’ve made it even more versatile:

J1 & J2 Pads: Connect RST, INTB, and INTA pins to D6, D1, and D0 of your XIAO board using J1 pads. Use J2 pads to select the IIC address of the MCP23017 chip.
Grove Compatibility: Grove pads ensure seamless integration with Grove modules, opening up a world of possibilities.

Compact, solderable, and measuring just 21 x 17.5mm, it’s perfect for solder enthusiasts and a game-changer for projects like Wearable Devices, Home Automation, Robotics, IoT Prototyping, and more. :wrench::robot:

:shopping_cart:Pre-order yours today: https://bit.ly/3RrCRb2
:bulb:Explore Seeed Studio XIAO Family: Seeed Studio XIAO Series

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Hi there,
I tried AGAIN to order this today… ANyone , Forrest?

GL :slight_smile: PJ

The product is expected to hit shelves in two weeks, stay tuned!

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I see it’s here and I’ve already ordered. Looks great.


Why don’t you sell this test fixture(no solder) I had to go make my own and it was a PITA.

Please provide some part no#'4
It is on thingiverse…

Your companies strategy is Puzzling to say the least.
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Close…? 6, 8, 22 pin NO 7 PIN? WTH?

GL :slight_smile: PJ

Thanks for your interest in this little thing, this was 3D printed by our engineers and we are not mass producing it yet. When we have a mature solution, maybe we will consider selling it. By the way, the IO expansion board is now available for sale!

HI there Citric, I hope you are fine.
I have already ordered 2 pieces of the IO Expander, :stuck_out_tongue: it looks awesome.

I have located 6 Pin , 8Pin and 22Pin Halves HOWEVER No, 7 Pin version WTH? :sweat_smile: ,LOL
I’m Glad to see seeed Engineers making such test fixtures and using 3D printer. :nerd_face: :+1:
As you already know I have several seeed (Xiao) 3D items posted with links here (case,socket,reset button) and Thingiverse. :gift:
Will the STL file for this necessary piece be made available? :thinking: Why not if No? :smirk:

And While you’re always providing excellent support, can you ask them if there is any plans to update the XIAO line?
Up coming Hardware & Softdevice improvements? Should we base new products on this Technology(sell me) I feel like :hole:__ :man_with_probing_cane: with portions of Seeed Studio.

Thank you
GL :slight_smile: PJ

HI there,
Took 3 tries, :stuck_out_tongue:

doing more digging I Also found the ClipZin provided the STP file for freecad HERE
I stretched theirs to get close.
Seeed Prides itself on fast to prototype and Maker friendly, I say prove it and requiring the user to solder just to test or try the Xiao product in a quick proof of concept is counter productive. Offering this type of socket is better for the user experience, besides cost cutting at seeed Lately the PINs required are NO longer included in the package from some warehouses, Hmmm? :face_with_peeking_eye:
I can post the STL for this modded version on thingiverse under Edge connector Xiao
GL :slight_smile: PJ

I can understand that there will be users who will need such a board, and we would like to be able to sell it on our shelves. However, the supplier of this material has not been able to give a purchase price that is acceptable to everyone, and we are currently stuck here …
This connector is not open source, so there is no STL file.

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Got it , Thank you for the Quick response, and Any Idea when the

  • Acrylic Case for Seeed Studio XIAO Expansion board
    will be back in stock? It’s been a Long while? I’m on the email list So.
    GL :slight_smile: PJ

Pre-orders are now open and official shipping is expected to begin tomorrow.

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No Soldering… :stuck_out_tongue: I made this work, but I want MORE!! :star_struck:

It’s up on Thingiverse BTW. Xiao , Xiao
GL :slight_smile: PJ

Hi there, can you tell me when these will be back ? I want 10 of them.

Acrylic Case for Seeed Studio XIAO Expansion board
SKU 110010024

Out of stock forever?
GL :slight_smile: PJ

Are those pins holding the XIAO removed from the resistor? :rofl:

I checked this product and it is a stock-on-order product. It needs to have at least 100pcs before the factory will initiate production. Right now there are only 3… Plus yours is one, only 13. That’s a long way from starting production.

Hi There :slight_smile:
Wow, that’s allot. OK well how about releasing the drawing or PDF on the WIKI that would allow makers to make there own too. I was thinking of different color bases print with the 3d printer I have., and Yes those are the cut ends of the resistors Bent to make the contact pin for the socket. I’m sure you can appreciate to use what you got. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :ok_hand:
GL :slight_smile: PJ

:cowboy_hat_face: :v:

Got 'em… ANY Schematic PDF available ,? NONE on the WIKI btw
:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :ok_hand:

Very cool.


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Thank You Citric,
I salute you :man_bowing:
I was encouraged by the expander…to make batt connection for socket.
GL :slight_smile: PJ

Having some FUN.
Zip to CAD & STL files .
3D model Seeed_Xiao Socket.zip (2.0 MB)

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Make this expander with spring load bottom pins like on xiao expansion board and make sure it has a clip that goes over the top to hold down pressure

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