XIAO BLE NFC doesnt work

I’m trying to work with the NFC without luck.
I’ve connected a few NFC antennas that work with other NFC devices but I can get any reading from it.
I’ve installed version 1.0.0 and used the example projects for text and URL.

Any ideas?

Did you enable the NFC pins as NFC pins? Not sure if they are enabled by default.

hmm… how do I do that?

They supposed to be enabled by default, but may be you can check. Also the NFC antenna circuit has to be very specific with proper external capacitors sizing. Check with this forum by Nordic:

What antennas have you tried, I plan on looking into being able to change the NFC (TAG) message programmatically if it’s indeed possible. Maybe some smart seeed guys or gals has an answer.

I see it requires tuning with the correct caps. I’m curious to find out how thick of material (PLA or Carbon-fiber nylon) would it pass through. ANy ideas or thoughts on the subject is appreciated.

GL ;-p

Hey just checking to see if you got this working I have wired up an antenna but it isn’t seeming to work using the seeed code.

Hi Parker_Gust,
Wow cool what antenna is that? , What type ? Any schematic ,
what value of capacitors did yo use?
I use NFC pro Tools to test with… LOL
GL :-p