NFC antenna recommendations for XIAO nRF52840

I’m looking for recommendations for antennas that work and are tuned for the XIAO nRF52840. I see there is a wiki article for how to use the NFC pins and some software example. Has anyone found any off the shelf antennas that work for NFC with this board?

Hi there,
I was looking for something similiar, I have came across this one from seeed itself, I think you can cut the connector and solder it to the XIAO. I didn’t bought it or tried it myself (yet)

I do not believe that the antenna NFC Antenna will work

  1. It does not have the correct connector and cutting this cable will not give you nice wires to solder onto the pad.
  2. There are no tuning capacitors attached. So I believe this antenna only works for the boards it is advertised fro.

However I did not try it out myself. If anyone is successful with this antenna, please let me know.

You might find my comprehensive post on this thread useful. I explained how to get the NFC working.