Wio Terminal Chassis Battery monitoring

I have a Wio Terminal powered by the Chassis Battery.

  • How to monitor the remaining power of the battery?

The schematics mentions three LEDs, but I can’t see them on the board.

  • Does the SAMD51 checks and exposes the input voltage?

Thank you!

Is the chassis battery for sale now? I haven’t sen it online here.

See https://www.seeedstudio.com/Wio-Terminal-Chassis-Battery-p-4516.html

Capture 2020-05-31 à 20.28.41

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Hi @reivilo

Hi, The LED did not solder on as they cannot be seen from the casing outside. The current version of the battery chassis do not support the monitoring function from Wio Terminal。

Thank you for the explanation.

However, the main question remains:

  • How to monitor the remaining power of the battery?

For this concern, the battery chassis cant not be monitored.

I would suggest:

Thank you!

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There is a nice solution posted at Adding a battery meter to Wio Terminal.