How do I get the battery voltage?

With the Wio Terminal and the Wio Terminal Battery Chassis, how do I get the voltage from the battery?
What about the battery life remaining?

We will complete this documentation when our Wio Terminal Battery Chassis is released. @mischko

I own one. Please work on these documents soon!


@ansonhe97 Please complete this document within one week after labor day.thank you

Hi @mischko

For this concern, Wio Terminal Battery Chassis (Voltage level) can not be read by Wio Terminal as it didnot design that way. At its raw pcba, it does have 4 LEDs indicating the battery level but the enclosure blocked it from seeing.

Please stay tuned for the next version of this battery chassis :grinning:

It seems the 4 LEDs haven’t been populated, as per Wio Terminal Chassis Battery monitoring.

For the current version it did not solder on. We are currently in the development of the next generation, please stay tuned!

There is an elegant solution posted at Adding a battery meter to Wio Terminal.