Wio Lite W600 no longer appearing in /dev (MacOS)

Not sure why, but one of my Wio Lite W600s no longer appears in /dev (the others do), and it doesn’t show up in the Arduino IDE’s ports.

It was working, I haven’t wired anything up to it, and the only program I loaded on was an empty one to test the loading mechanism.

Hitting the reset button doesn’t seem to do anything (except flash the reset led).

I found a similar post on the Wio Terminal that suggested tapping the reset a bunch of times but this didn’t help.

Well, I just killed another one.

But I’ve learned a few things.

Double tapping the reset button puts the board into bootloader mode without having to run commands from the cli. In bootloaded mode D13 will slowly cycle the voltage up and down. The is useful as if you attach an LED (and resistor) to that pin you can see it “breath” to indicate you’re in the correct mode.

The killing of the device seems to of occured because I accidentally used an incorrect version of bossac to copy the binary across. I have several versions installed as I’m using a few different boards at the moment. After this has happened, the board will no longer enter bootloader mode, nor will it show up as a device when connected to my computer.

Is it possible to get it back to bootloader mode (even if using additional hardware), or is the device now bricked?

And I found this thread recommending using a JLink Mini EDU which I’ve now ordered:

And I found this collection of bootloaders

So the next question is, which bootloader do I use for the Wio Lite W600? From my experimentation, it seems the Wio Lite W600 is wired up nearly identically to the Wio Lite MG126, is that good enough?

I’ll try it out when the hardware arrives and see what happens.

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Is it works ?
I have the same problem.
Which bootloader? And bin or hex file?