Where is the schematic for RUNBER FPGA Development Board Ver. 1.2?

Dear Staff
I recently purchased a RUNBER FPGA Development Board via Digikey.
The board looks different than the photos on the product pages.
On the backside the Board is marked:
And it has a 20 pin WCH CH552T uart chip. instead of the FT232 shown on all schematics I can find.
Also its not straightforward to find the RUNBER FPGA Development Board on Seed Studios web pages, and the product page shows data on V1.1 and not V1.2 ?
Best wishes Michael

If the RUNBER FPGA Development Board Ver. 1.2 exists, the schematic and related documentation are typically provided by the manufacturer or vendor of the development board. You can try the following steps to locate the schematic:

Visit the official website of the manufacturer or vendor of the RUNBER FPGA Development Board. Look for a dedicated product page or technical documentation section that might include the schematic and related resource foxynamer.
If you can’t find the schematic on their website, consider reaching out to the manufacturer or vendor directly. They may provide you with the required documentation upon request or direct you to the appropriate resources.

Thanks for your reply @Tatum45
Quoting from where I purchased the board:

Manufacturer Seeed Technology Co., Ltd

This forums owner should be the manufacturer.
Since my board was unable to utilize the embedded flash I have been in contact with seen technical
support and they have verified that its a V1.2 board with a well known hardware defect and that they are willing to ship a new board via my distributor.
Here is Seeds link to the V1.1 product and schematic:

Here is an image of the backside of my V1.2 product for comparison:

Here is an image of the front


Check any documentation that came with the development board. Sometimes, schematics or links to schematics are included in the package.

I recommend you to contact Digikey’s customer support for clarification on the product version you have received as well as difference from the product page.https://capcutmods.org/ Also you may want to get in touch with the Seed Studios to inquire about the version update and any relevant documentation for the V 1.2 board.

If you can’t find the schematic online or in the product documentation, consider contacting the manufacturer’s customer support or technical support for assistance. They may be able to provide you with the schematic or direct you to the right resources.

Beware of Third-Party Documentation: Sometimes, third-party websites or documentation repositories may have the schematic for development boards. Be cautious about the source and ensure it’s a reliable and trustworthy one.
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It appears that the Runber FPGA Development Board V1.2 is a slightly different version of the V1.1 board, but it should still be a functional development board that you can use to run FPGA applications.

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Visit the official website or support page of RUNBER or the manufacturer of the FPGA development board. They may have documentation, schematics, and other resources available for download and also User Manuals and Documentation**: Check any user manuals, datasheets, or Salary Calculator that came with the FPGA development board. Schematics are often included in these resources.