Flash issue with RUNBER FPGA Development Board 20210618 Ver. 1.2 from Digikey

Dear Seed Studio Team
I recently purchased a RUNBER FPGA Development Board via Digikey.
The board looks different than the photos on the product pages and the first time I tried to flash
the embedded flash the board bricked on me and and then refused to even run from sram.
On the backside the Board is marked:
And it has a WCH CH552T uart chip.
I have the exact same issues as described in this thread:

And have been able to resume run from sram by shorting one of the MODE jumpers as described in the Japanese article linked in the other thread.
However the board is of limited value to me as it has to be manually programmed every time it is powered up.
Since I have not purchased this board directly from Seed Studio I would like some advise as how to get this issue resolved if I should file a RMA with Digikey or if its perhaps possible to fix the issue by updating the firmware of the uart chip or something else ?
BTW I cant find the schematic for the RUNBER FPGA Development Board V1.2 anywhere ?

This problem has always been a problem of RUNBER FPGA development board V1.2, you can contact this email: techsupport@seeed.io
Trust him to solve your problem for you

I hope this can help u!Jostar

Thanks @Seeed_Jostar
I have just written to techsupport quoting this thread.

BTW. Can you tell if its possible to get the schematic for the RUNBER V1.2 ?

Maybe this will help you!

Thanks @Seeed_Jostar but this is still the v 1.1 schematic with the 48 pin FT232 uart chip.
I’m looking for the schematic for the V1.2 with the 20 pin CH552T uart chip.

I feel very sorry for this problem. The only official schematic version released is this one, and the new version may involve copyright and other issues that have not been made public