Seeeduino XIAO Premier Expansion Board Survey

Please come and help us with the survey on #SeeeduinoXIAO Premier Expansion Board. Users provide the informative answer may be awarded the first batch of the Premier Expansion Board!

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Great news!

I’ve answered the survey with the suggestions I’ve already made at #Conceptual Design# Premier Expansion Board for SeeeduinoXIAO - Grove XIA0.

@ming.wen Good luck with the release of the board!

Thank you so much! You inputs are very useful~

@ming.wen Having some compatibility with the Grove system (screw hole size and distance between holes) would be great, especially if a Base plate to attach Grove devices is released, so we can attach the Xiao expansion board to it.

It seems the board is coming. That was fast!

What is the ETA? Are there prototypes to test?

The first glance!

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@ming.wen Thank you for the additional pictures.

I like there is a label for every and each pin and connector. This is very clean. The final form-factor offers a good compromise between size and features. Congratulations!

Three questions:

  1. I can’t manage to see the SWD connector for debugging on the picture. Or are they the right-most 2x4 0.1" pins on the right?
  2. Similarly, I see the pads for the pogo-pins of the left, but they seem not to be populated.
  3. Finally, does the IC correspond to the RTC or to a Flash memory?

All of the three Xiao boards are release 1 and come with only 3 pads: SWDIO, SWCLK and GND. Could they work with the board for debugging even without RESET?

I’m ready to test!

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Yes, I am personally quite satisfied with this size and form factor, and it is exactly half the size of Raspberry Pi4!

It may be a little pity that due to the space issue and the small percentage of demand we’ve collected from the user survey, the standard SWD connecter has been replaced to 4pin header on the right, which includes GND 3V3 SWDIO SWCLK

There will be four spring connectors for leading out the SWD and RESET pins, and they has not yet been sodered on this sample board. Sorry for the confusion.

That is RTC. We don’t add Flash memory since we used SD card slot on the back, which with almost same function and larger memory space.

Glad to know. It may still need some time to produce the final product, and I will keep you updated on it. Will be even better to make some projects with this or write some reviews as a Ranger~

Thank you for the explanations.

I am already a Ranger and the review of the expansion board will fit perfectly along with my Xiao review.

I have installed the correct battery however the RTC does not retain the correct time when the USB cable is disconnected. Also displays weird values like 5 or 3 digit years and the outputs from the DHT 11 display nonsensical values. Love the Seeeduino XIAO and am using it for most of my new projects. The Seeeduino XIAO Expansion Board is a great looking breakout board for all of the powerful ability’s packed into the XIAO.