Base plate to attach Grove devices

The Grove devices share the same dimensions as explained at Grove module board dimensions and

The idea would be a base plate with screw holes, and corresponding standoffs, nuts and bolts to attach the Grove devices, and other boards like the Wio Terminal as well.

  • Screw holes ø ≃2.14mm.
  • Square matrix of screw holes distanced by ≃1cm to fit the 2x2cm and 4x2cm Grove devices
  • Elongated holes for non-standard boards like the Wio Terminal.
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@ming.wen The #New Product Idea# Arduino Grove Shield for re_computer is very close to the idea, obviously without the 40- and 28-pin connectors and without the Arduino form-factor shield.

Only the base plate with the holes and an assortment of corresponding standoffs, nuts and bolts.

Please find a 3D rendering of the Grove plate.

The plate is 170 x 130 x 3 mm, with a 10 x 10 mm grid of ø 2 mm holes for M2 screws.

A more universal version of the Acrylic Base panel included in the Snips Voice Interaction Base Kit or Snips Voice Interaction Satellite Kit.

That’s indeed a good suggestion. We would love to provide with more more interesting and useful accessories for our products.

Develop such a plate and have it sold on Bazaar is a big task indeed. One concern of mine is that a large number of users are maker, and it would not be so difficult for them to design one plate or laser cut one with the design file. Therefore I wonder how much would it be in your place to laser cut a plate like this? Do you think it would be more convenient and logistics cost saving that we provide with the design file and users have it laser cut in the local?

Providing the files for 3D printing would be a nice solution.

According to your suggestion, I’ve tried to design a plate like this. As most of the main boards have M3 assembling holes, this plate has both M2 & M3 holes and also space for Grove Cable connectors to go through.

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