Seeed Xiao BIG RESET Oh' Snap! , Xiao BLE & Sense MCU's

Potato productions bring another.

Big Reset

So I have this Problem. I can’t press the reset button. Easily! Sausage fingers?

After 7-11 tries I figured out some geometry and printed it in the Galactic Sun with the help of the “Magic Calipers” and b4 you know it .

A snap-on Reset Helmet It’s not a shield or a Hat. Oh’-no. It is something that takes about 17 minutes to 3D print. This little nugget, Gives me easy access and I can snap it on or off, I show it on the Xiao BLE and Sense units one mounted in the Xiao Dev board kit with a display and the TAP demo running (Listen Closely) built with Arduino 2.1 to demonstrate. One is connected to a battery pack standalone. If you follow the Seeed footprint for the SMD layout it fits perfectly even when soldered onto a PC board visa-vi EasyEDA and JLPCB :slight_smile: NICE stuff. LOL ;-p

about the print;

It’s up on Thingiverse and I printed it with PLA, on my Ender 3 Pro with Generic slicer settings in Cura 5.1 , Ironing enabled (top) layer if printed Straight up. I found it’s printed easier Upside down with tree supports touching the build plate. The cantilever button part has a clearance of .30 for an Exacto knife blade or #11 Scalpel to release the button if your printer is not that dialed in.


GL :slight_smile:

FreeCad & Cura 5.1 & Ender 3 Pro… The grace of God and Blessings of a King.!

Xiao BLE & Sense BIG RESET


Awesome! Does it work with header pins on?

Yes, as long as its not a “BLOB-Job” on the solder work :-p The unit in the video on the dev board has the header pins soldered on the top.

GL :-p

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