SD on A203(V2) carrier board with Xavier NX DEVELOPMENT module

I have a Nvidia Jetson Xavier NX module, in the development kit version (the one with a micorSD card and without eMMC on the module). It is mounted on your A203 (version 2) carrier board.

I flashed L4T 35.1 (corresponding to JP 5.0.2) on it, following this guide (using terminal). I did not notice that the provided drivers are for the eMMC module for JP5.0.2. Flashing was successfull and system is working. USB ports, HDMI and ethernet on the carrier board work well, too.

I would like to insert a microSD card in the carrier slot and use it as additional storage, but I cannot see the SD from the NX. Is there a way to use the SD slot on the carrier board from a Jetson NX devkit module, using L4T35.1 (JP5.0.2)?

I saw this post: would a similar workaround (renaming the driver file from ...-p3668-0001-...dtb to ...-p3668-0000-...dtb) work in my case?

Thank you,

We’re also facing the same issue. Did the workaround fix your problem?

Unfortunately not. I cannot remember whether the flashing failed or it simply did not worked, but I couldn’t use the SD on the carrier.