ReTerminal DM Cad and panel mounting specs

Hi there, My co-worker bought at ReTerminal DM and its my job to make an enclosre for it.

I’m kinda shocked that there is no CAD model for it to be found, nor is there a dimensioned drawing for the size of a panel cutout with locations for mounting holes.

Any industrial panel mount HMI etc would have at least a simple drawing of how big to cut the hole, and where to locate fastening features. Your wiki does show an isometric drawing of “how” panel mounting would happen with the additional hardware kit… but dosent give any dimensions.

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Actually there is a CAD file? it’s the “stp” file opens in FreeCad and allows easy dimensioning and supports printing a Panel on the 3d printer or CNC with the export. I’m shocked if you do this kind of work, you didn’t know?
just messing with you… :grin:
LOL, maybe you just missed it. I know what you mean about a good old fashion drawing would be nice , but the Stp file is nicer.
here is two pic of it.
Dimension line…

edge to edge measured back look.

front, topish…

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Thanks for that. I scoured the documentation for a long time and never found that file. There shoudl be a link to that file in the user manual, and on the product main page, just as you would find with a part on mcmaster or digikey

That said, even this file doesnt help me much more in designing a panel mount because there are accessory clips needed for mounting, and they aren’t included in this file, so how can i locate where the mounting holes would be?

I hope you take this as “feedback” and not “whining” a dimensioned drawing of the mounting hole size including places for the fastners woudl be great.

Hi there , not at all.
Actually I agree with you, because i will have to dimention it first, its kinda of a flange all the way around it, Clips, I didn’t see those…
Looks like they did THE bare minimum on the mechanical side, which is often the case with seeed.
I won’t get to my drawing of it until after 4th of july break, so I’ll post anything i come up with to help out.

One would think with the whole panel mount info , they would have it clearly marked out and available, I don’t see any other way to mount it so.
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whats so sad… is i am sure somewhere on some hard drive … in some file is the data… shame there is no freedom of information FOIA request over seas…

This is Seraphina from Seeed Technical Support. Sorry I’m late. Here’s the detailed dimensions about the back cover, you can check it.

We likewise provide STP files. You can also measure the dimensions through the measurement function within the software

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I told you it was in a file somewhere

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