reComputer J4012 (Orin NX 16GB) USB-C port stopped working after flashing with JetPack 5.1.2

JetPack 5.1.2 was released on 8/3/2023, when I used Nvidia SDK Manager to update to this latest JetPack version, the reComputer J4012 was able to be flashed, but immediately after flashing, the USB-C port stopped working. So I couldn’t continue with the CUDA installation. I am able to login to console, but now the USB-C port is not functional. This seems to be related to the carrier board in the reComputer 4012. Is there a fix for this?


@Seeed_Jostar any updates here? We are facing the same issue on our board after updating to JetPack 5.1.2 through the official Nvidia SDK manager. Results were the same when flashing 5.1.1 through the Nvidia SDK Manager as well.

So far, the only version we have where the USB-C (and device mode functionality, which is what we actually care about in our use case) is working, is the stock firmware that came flashed on the SSD which came with the board.

@Seeed_Jostar I have the same problem on my Orin NX 16GB after flashing to JetPack 5.1.2 using Nvidia SDKManager. I noticed that the factory firmware that came with the Orinx NX RE-computer series runs 35.1.2 and that works. The SDKManager runs 35.2.x+ (USB C does not work) and does not allow for flashing 35.1.2 on Orin NX. Any updates from your end that can fix the problem?

I haven’t received a similar issue yet. This seems to be the latest issue since NVIDIA has officially updated jetpack. I will give feedback and reply as soon as possible

please don’t update JP5.1.2 for now, we haven’t fixed this issue yet, it’s not clear what bad things will happen when we update JP1.5.2. We will reply as soon as possible once it is resolved

After processing, we have successfully figured out how to update JP5.1.2 and the wiki will be updated (it will take a little time), see below:
you need to add this before flashing and it wroks