Programming LoRa-E5 with Arduino, Comparison of LoRa-E5 and LoRa-E5-LE transmit currents

In addition to the LoRa-E5 mini model with a transmit power of 22 dBm, there is also the LoRa-E5-LE mini with a transmit power of 14 dBm. Since the allowable transmit power in my area is 13 dBm, I checked the current consumption of both models at a transmit power of 13 dBm.
Compared to the E5 model’s 85mA, the E5-LE model consumes much less, 25mA, which I believe is effective for battery operation.
I recommend choosing the LoRa-E5 model that is appropriate for the region where it will be used.

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