Not able to install jetpack 5.0.2 using sdkamanger on A206 with jetson xavier nx prod

Hi, i am facing issue for install JP 5.0.2 using sdkmanager and nvidia forum says talk to seeed. I am using A206 HW with jetson xavier nx production version and SW using sdkmanager. I am able to boot properly with eMMC flash but no other library installed as no more space. when i try to install NVME SSD drive as jetson linux image location i am able to flash but never boot. it always has blank screen.

Thank you, it was not success in first try after multiple try I am able to install the 5.0.2 in NVME but Now I am not able to see the eMMC in my terminal. I have try “df” and “lsblk” both commands but its not showing this drive. its showing only NVME drive.

Hi, it has been confirmed that this issue may occur on JetPack version 5.0.2 and we are still waiting for NVIDIA to provide a further official solution.

Tony, it would be really great if you could elaborate on “Step 1. Install Jetson OS to name, Step 2. Install Jetson OS into emmc”. These are huge steps… and it’s not clear how you got 5.0.2 to work on the NVMe SSD.

UPDATE: I was able to finally get Jetpack 5.0.2 to flash to the NVMe on the reComputer, Xavier NX, and the A206 carrier board. Not sure if this is repeatable, but I used an 18.04 VM instead of 20.04 host, ran sdkmanager on the eMMC first and then ran it again on the NVMe.

The only problem is that it goes through all of the boot options before trying the NVMe drive. By this, I mean it tries to boot from the Ethernet card using IPV6 then IPV4 then PXE and then finally the NVMe. Anybody know how to change the boot order?

sorry for reply late,
Step 1. Install Jetson OS to NVME → use sdkmanager, only select jetson linux(disable jetson sdk components), storage device choose nvme instead of emmc
Step 2. Install Jetson OS into emmc” → same process, but storage device choose emmc

If you have any problem, send me a email. I am happy to help you(if I can, LOL).