LoRa node to node without LoRaWAN

I bought two LoRa E5 dev boards. Has anyone tried building a node to node solution? Seems like all tutorials assumes LoRaWAN is used. Any advice? Thank you.

Hi! I was in the same page as you last week. I found some starting commands here:
LoRa-E5 Point to Point (From topham on Apr 20).

The only way to communicate between boards is by using the AT commands. Follow these document sheet, but scroll down to AT commands.

You can also use PySerial to communicate between ports and send and receive info. However, I am still working on trying to make that work.
You can use any serial monitor console or tool to connect to the port in each board through USB or USB-C or also with a UART adapter. I am using Arduino serial console on a Mac and cutecom on a raspberry pi.