LoRa E5 Mini- Gateway

I received the LoRa E5 mini, now what? Do I need a LoraWAN Gateway to get started, is it necessary in order to use the LoRa E5 mini? I am trying to test the range and connectivity

If you look in the pdf for AT commands for it you’ll find a section for testing.

You put it into TEST mode, configuration receiving or transmitting, a frequency, and spreading factor, you can do limited transmission testing a with another Lora node (no gateway required)

I have two LoRa E5 mini modules. How would I go about setting them up to do some testing between them? For example I have one connected to my PC via USB sending AT commands to it, would the other be connected to a USB or something like that?

Yes, I have a mini and a Dev board, and hooked them both up at the same time with two different terminal sessions to allow me to send commands manually.

I had excellent transfer results for the 12" distance involved :slight_smile:

(Sorry, I can’t pull the exact AT commands right now, but will later).

What does it mean “two different terminal sessions”? Do I need two separate PCs to do testing? Or can I use something like an arduino for one of them?

Please see that post (as I can’t also post it here, I guess the system thought I was spamming).

I use two terminals, but you can use any method to communicate with the units, you could program one via an Arduino, maybe send the TXLRSTR command every few seconds for instance.

How would you go about connecting it to the arduino. I have a diagram of the pins on the LoRa E5 mini but I’m not sure which pins should be connected. Also would you be using AT commands in the IDE instead of the serial monitor? Thank you for your help