LoRa-E5 fail to communicate with TTN in low temperature condition


I’m using a LoRa-E5 module to send datas on TTN. The LoRa-E5 is factory programmed, and I use it with AT commands, send by a microcontroller.

I have a TTN gateway, and I achieve to send datas to TTN since some months, without any trouble.

Currently, there are negative temperatures at night, and I don’t receive datas on TTN during nights.

I can reproduce this comportment putting my device in a freezer.
I logged temperatures of the freezer and the temperature returned by the LoRa module. Below -6°C (around 5°C in the module), the LoRa-E5 don’t achieve to send datas.

This is my LoRa-E5 configuration:


I send messages with the command AT+CMSGHEX.

TTN answers:

I tried to:

  • Activate or not the ADR
  • Change the antenna
  • Disconnect and connect again the LoRa-E5 to TTN
  • Reset the module (software reset and power-cycle)
    But there is no change.

When I reset the module, the JOIN fail. When the module go back to ambient temperature, it can communicate.

I also check the power supply, and there is no trouble.

Does anyone use a LoRa-E5 with negative temperature without any trouble?
Is there any other configuration to allow me to communicate with these temperatures?


I’m just learning about this module with lorawan, maybe the problems with temperature are related to configuring the TCXO.
I don’t know if it’s something we can handle with the existing information.
Documentation missing for LoRa-E5