Documentation missing for LoRa-E5

In order to develop with this module with ST’s ST32CUBE IDE development environment further details are essential: which GPIO pins are used to control the TCXO and RF switch, and what do they do? Your radio_board_if.h and .c files will provide this information - can I have these please?

Excuse me Seeed, can you please provide the answers to this question? Just providing teh pin numbers is not enough: it is necessary to know the state of teh pins for transmit, receive AND idle. But best would be to provide the files as requested. Also good would be the circuit diagram, as then I can figure out the answer.

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I completely agree with acutetech. We need to know how the STM32WL is connected to the RF switch and which GPIO has to be in which state to transmit and receive.

I am trying to write my own board_interface.h & .c without information. It looks like we also need to know which of the two radio outputs are being used: RFO_LP or RFO_HP (or both, switch selectable, as in the NUCLEO board). This is required by the RBI_GetTxConfig() and is used when selecting output power. In the absence of information from Seeed I am guessing RFO_LP only (since the data sheet says it can transmit at 22dBm).

Come on, Seeed, it is really unreasonable of you to sell the modules and then withould this information from your customers. You should not make us guess. PLEASE PLEASE provide board_interface.h & .c - or else the circuit diagram.

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Correction: I am assuming RFO_HP only…

Thank you for having provided the missing information!

Well PB5 is a module GPIO. Are you sure it’s not PA5 instead which is used to control the rf switch? Along with PA4 of course!