Is building my own cable with these connectors possible? GROVE 4PIN CABLES 5PACK 5CM

I have an application where the Grove IR reflectivity sensor (Grove - Infrared Reflective Sensor | Seeed Studio Wiki) appears to be a good fit. However, I’d like to be able to make a more robust and finished looking cable than is available. Are there connector kits for the ends on this cable that can be used in an assembly process?

Our Grove cable is plug-and-play. Both ends of each cable have interfaces, as shown in the figure below. In addition, Grove series products have corresponding sockets, which can ensure the stability and reliability of their connections.

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NO is the answer. They are propriatery to grove, even the pins are hard to find. I made adapters to JST’s and Din connectors. WAY better.

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That is true. I figured that finding a panel mount for the Grove was not possible. I did see a JST that claimed to be Grove compatible. Can I ask a question: I really would like a connector that is similar to this that has a corresponding panel mount or similar end that can be put in a hand held controller. Do you know of anything that would fit the bill?

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I would look at this post and place, I use it allot.

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