Is BAT- the same as GND? (XIAO Seed BLE Sense)

I am planning a battery-operated project using the XIAO Seeed BLE Sense as the MCU and 19 NeoPixels. Here is a picture of my proposed wiring.

My question is if the Negative Battery ‘pin’ is the same as the ground (GND) pin? Or are they different somehow? And what about when you plug in the USB to recharge the battery? Is the USB ground the same as the Battery (-) the same as the GND?

And in my schematic, do I need to run a wire from the GND pin to the LEDs GND as well as the Battery (-)? Or do I only need one of them? Does it matter which?

The power supply section of the XIAO nRF52840 looks like POST#2 in the link below.
The USB ground pin and BAT- pin are connected to the GND pin.
Wiring one wire to the LED will work.

Charging characteristics of XIAO_nRF52840 and XIAO_ESP32C3 - #2 by msfujino

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