Initial installation and testing with the Odyssey Blue X86J4125 and Quectel EMO6-A LTE Modem


  1. Odyssey Blue is set up and configured with Ubuntu 20.04.3
  2. Install LTE modem card. The board did not have a proper standoff or come with a mounting screw. I had to make a small shim placed behind the board to give the screw something to press against.
  3. Install the LTE antenna. It came with a 10cm antenna that attaches to the main antenna connecter, 1 of 3 connectors. The other 2 connectors remain empty at this time.
  4. Install the sim card. Google Fi shipped a nano-SIM, yet (undocumented) the LTE modem requires a micro-SIM. Put the nano-SIM into a micro-SIM adaptor.

Test results:

  • Initial test 3.87 down and 1.44 up. More testing is required.
  • Determination of speed throttling is required.
  • A similar speed test with Google Fi from my cell phone results in 10.2 down and 2.27 up.

Next steps:

  1. Upgrade the antenna to a larger paddle style to improve reception. The antenna interface is specified in mm but not to any industry standard that I can see. It appears to be of type Hirose U.FL.

Overall I am impressed that it works although I had hoped for better performance.

@Nuvolect Thanks for your sharing.