2 Questions, Antennas and Quectel EMO6-A LTE Modem

I have the Quectel EMO6-A LTE Modem installed in an Odyssey Blue X86J4125 as documented here.

The modem has three antenna connectors:

  1. Main
  2. Rx-diversity
  3. GNSS

Question 1
I’ve got a 10cm antenna installed on Main and the modem is working. My first question is, are there advantages to installing antennas for the Rx-diversity and GNSS connectors? The application is for installation in a Class B campervan traveling throughout North America.

Question 2
What are these antenna connectors called? The hardware design documentation lists a multitude of specifications but does not specifically say what type they are. Is it a Hirose U.FL connector?

@Nuvolect connect both can get higher datarate. the connector is MHF4 type.

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