How to get the 'System OFF' to work in nRF52840 XIAO BLE Sense?

I am utlizing the System OFF feature of nRF52840 XIAO BLE Sense but it doesn’t seem to make any impact on the power consumption.
For example, I uploaded a simple code to light the red LED for 4 seconds then go to sytem off. Below is the power off function-

void goToPowerOff() {

  setLedRGB(false, false, false);
  // BLE.disconnect();
  // while(BLE.connected()){}
  Serial.println("Going to System OFF");

Power consumption in System ON is around 30mA and still ~28mA after the board goes to system off…
Is there something else to do that just use the “NRF_POWER->SYSTEMOFF = 1;” command?

(Looking at some solutions I saw someone recommend to use 1.0.0 or 1.1.1 versions of the board instead but that is causing a multitude of compilation errors for me.)

Thanks in advance.

Hi there,
LOL, Your doing it wrong… :grinning:
Yes, You need more. Check out MsFujino’s links on how to achieve such goals.
de facto standard for squeezing the most out of the battery power.
Your not far off…
GL :slight_smile: PJ

Start with using the correct BSP. :v:

I assume you are talking about this-
They are not actually talking about System OFF mode though- will it not be achievable?
Also can you please mention which BSP to use?
Thanks for the reply

This link may be more useful.

If you want to keep the sleep current as low as possible, you need to use “Seeed nRF52 Boards 1.1.8” so called non-mbed for your BSP.

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