How to debug XIAO SAMD21?

is there any tutorial for debugging a program on XIAO SAMD21 module, with Arduino IDE?
There are 4 pads on the back side of the SAMD21 module. Is this a J-Link interface that can be used for debugging?
Or is it also possible to debug with the USB connector?

Hi there,
Unfortunately USB ,NOT on Sam21 , here was a go round with an Atmel ICE and SWD , he got it going.

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Have you tried using a Xiao as programmer-debugger?

See The $5 programmer-debugger .

Hi there,
No I haven’t tried it ,but many have and it is said to work very well.
I do love how easy it is though and lots of good tools to do this stuff.
Just wish the arduino IDE was capable of more in debugging as well as PLIO at least.
also think Seeed should make or carry the EDU J-link type device for the makers here would be the complete package. IMO everything is great ! Until you need to debug :smiley: which for me is every time… LOL
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I fully agree with you!

Unfortunately, the Segger J-Link Edu mini is no longer affordable. It used to be a clone-killer at ~USD20; it is now priced at USD60.

I am a strong advocate for a Seeed-branded programmer-debugger at an affordable price-point. The Xiao SAMD used as debugger does not support the Xiao nRF52840 well. Seeed could use the standard 2x5 0.05" SWD connector or even develop its own connector like Raspberry Pi has done with the Raspberry Pi Debug Probe and the Raspberry Pi 3-pin Debug Connector Specification.

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Wow didn’t know the price went up, WTH? I do have a J-link + (it was a gift) however the juice for that isn’t worth the squeeze IMO. Albeit does work perfectly great, way too expensive, and the segger stuff it’s bundled with is like hitting a fly with a howitzer. SEEED would be wise to do as you say. :smiley: :+1:

my .02
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