ESP32C3 SPI Sample Code

I need to use ESP32C3 to communicate with a sensor device through SPI interface. I wonder where I can find SPI sample code for ESP32C3.

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in a word, " ALL OVER" :grin:
The C3 mind you isn’t like the others, FYI…
Check out the Demo’s on here, “The Grove Expansion Demo” code has the secret handshake info. :handshake:
It’s not rocket Science but a process in instantiating the correct SPI interface and pins.
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check out the diff’s between Xiao’s for example on Wiki.

To find the SPI code for ESP32C3 in the official ESP-IDF repository.

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You can check this github issue: ESP32-C3 SD SPI mode, arduino example fails, IDF example works (compiled in an arduino project) · Issue #6237 · espressif/arduino-esp32 · GitHub

thx PJ, would you please provide the link?

Hi johnny, would you please provide the link?

Ah’ Check it out We did, You take those keywords or the ones in Quotes and you use the magnifier up in the right corner looks like this.

put that in and BAM! bob’s your uncle… instant info with many sources. :smile:
I suppose I could go get the Hard link to the post but I come from the
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Ask any questions you have and post any samples you may have issues with , lots of smart folks on here to help.
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yes, I got your project link.
But the SPI functions details are hidden in
Adafruit_FlashTransport_SPI QflashTransport(PIN_QSPI_CS, SPI_2);

For ESP32C3, what is the first parameter should be for

SPIClass SPI_1(???, D9, D8, D10);

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That would be the Chip_Select_pin.
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