Zigflea help.

Hi all!
My name is Steve.
I have just recieved the Zigflea boards in the post that i ordered last week :smiley:
I am planning on using them with my two DEMOJM boards running stickos on MCF51jm128 MCUs.
The Zigflea boards I notice plug straight into the CUI boards but DEMOJMs are different.
Could somebody please help me with the pinout of the zigflea so I can line up their pins with my demojm?
When I query my DEMOJM board with the Stickos PINS command I see this:
heartbeat ptf0
safemode* ptg0
qspi_cs* pte7
clone_rst* none
zigflea_rst* pte2
zigflea_attn* pte3
zigflea_rxtxen ptb5
lcd_d4 none
lcd_d5 none
lcd_d6 none
lcd_d7 none
lcd_en none
lcd_rs none
kbd_s0 none
kbd_s1 none
kbd_s2 none
kbd_s3 none
kbd_r0 none
kbd_r1 none
kbd_r2 none
kbd_r3 none

but the zigflea board only has pin names that are relevant to the cui32 boards…
Could someone tell me what the RGx, REx and RDx are in terms of their function?
Even better, if any of you guys have used these with DEMOJM, I would love toknow how you got them connected…?
Also, i see the zigfleas run on 3.3V.
The demojm outputs 5V but I don’t think it has a 3.3V pinout ( I may be wrong…)
Would this mean I have to make a voltage divider?? Or is it safe to run the fleas on 5V?

Any help would be much appreciated,
thanks and all the best,

Hi Steve,

The newer versions of the ZigFlea board should ship with the pin functions labeled on the silkscreen, for people who want to do what you’re doing (use them with boards other than the CUI32Stem). The attached image shows these labels - it should help!

Screen shot 2012-08-02 at 5.12.34 PM.png