You need better forum moderation - and ...

It would help to be a bit more responsive.

There has been a lot of spam and not a lot of activity from Seeed lately.

i second this notion. I hit the site every day at least to not miss anything. i think the site would get bigger if it had some more spam filtering by either users or some sort of automated way

Hi Guys,

Thank you so much for the feedback! Sorry for the late response!//shamed

We tried to run duty for forum administration, but we are a little bit over loaded here…

Maybe we could invite customers to manage the forum? :slight_smile:

  • Eric

sounds good to me! Just need to keep the crap out!

i second that as well

Well it seems we have myself and Atomriot as moderators now so that should keep the spam down and ideas up!

Congrats on the positions!

I would have loved to go in for a spot, however I don’t think I have the expertise, and maybe don’t have the time.

Anyways, get them to tell us when RainbowDuino is coming out! Also, they said something about 328 based freeduino on twitter?

the 328 based freeduino is here they just changed the kit so that it now uses the 328

Hey guys,

I thought I better pop my head around and let you know that I’ve joined you as one of the Seeedstudio moderators.

I’m based in the UK so feel free to drop me a pm if you need any help.


Welcome to the group, I’m in the Chicago area, nice to have someone from a different time zone.

so… about that Rainbowduino…

Hi Jafoca,

I’m not aware of their release schedule yet. I’d suggest dropping them a mail directly as you’d get a faster response.


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5 Beta version board will be available after Labor’s day… Got to horne this devil a little bit more :wink: