YF-B7 water flow sensor data interface and information request

Hello Seeedstudio,
I’m interested in purchasing your YF-B7 water flow sensors but I can’t find much information about on the datasheets. What is the data interface for EACH sensor (the flow and temperature sensor), does it use I2C? I’m guessing it gives a digital pulse output. I’m trying to integrate it with some other temperature, humidity, and pressure sensors on a Raspberry Pi 3 microcontroller and I need to make sure I’m connecting it to the correct pins. Are there any guides on connecting this series of sensors to the Raspberry Pi controller?

I’m assuming that the temperature sensor on the flow meter is a simple NTC thermistor? What is the resistance value? Will connecting it in a voltage divider suffice?

Can I connect the yellow wire to any of the PWM pins on the RPi?