Xiao with st7789

I try to connect the xiao with the st7789 screen, but no matter how much I check the codes, I can’t find the error, someone has managed to work with it?

Hi Raul,
Did you connect the DC pin of ST7789 to A9 (MISO) of XIAO?

The display look like the one from WavGat. I have it working exactly this way. You need to init it to SPI_MODE3.

Here it sits on a board with the XIAO on the back together with a ESP01.

Hello Rdehm, nice work.Do you mind sharing your code and schematic. I will appreciate. Thanks in advance.

I will have to dig out the docs for this. IIRC it was based on “Lovyan GFX” which got totally messed up by the author during an update so that not even his own examples. But it should also work with som lib from AdaFruit. Give me some time to take care of this.