XIAO with PWM and ST7789 display and being a glutton for failure

I’m trying to use XIAO as a portable precise pulse generator. I managed to get PWM configured and adjustable using potentiometers like in this sweeet video and now I need to add a screen.

I hope it’s not inappropriate to link to my post on the Arduino forum where I’m crying about not being able to get a Makerfocus (ST7789) 240x240 display working because I’m new and still working out where to ask who about what.

Either I damaged this screen, there’s some multiplexing issue, or it’s just me getting in my own way again. I’m not convinced it’s a conflict yet because I can’t even get the screen working by itself using the SDA/SCL or SCK/MOSI constructor for the Atafruit library.

There is no level shifter involved at this time since it’s all 3.3v. I need to eventually drive 5V but that’s later on.

I’m really liking D21 but the XIAO seemes more nuanced and maybe boutique. I’m looking for my people. Are you them?

Sorry, we are not familiar with Makerfocus (ST7789). But if you can ensure that the hardware is connected correctly and the level is correct, it can be used normally.

Have a look at bb_spi_lcd (BitBank SPI Color LCD/OLED library) by Larry Bank on github ( https://github.com/bitbank2/bb_spi_lcd). I used it to connect a 2" ILI9225 Color display with the XIAO using SPI and it appears to work quite well. The library supports the ST779 although I have no experience with that display.

On Sept 22, another question was posted about the ST7789: # XIAO Library Issue for TFT_eSIP with Arduino. Worth looking at I should think.

Good luck