Xiao / Wio Lite MG126 DFU Bootloader mode / circuitpython

I figured it was time to ask a question because I’m clearly missing something so stupid I can’t find anyone else having it after searching for a while.

On my Omen 015 laptop running Windows10 x64 I’m not able to see a drive letter appear where I’m supposed to dump files. In what I’ve been seeing for circuitpython tutorials they are either skipping a step or I’m having another USB problem with these SAMD21 based boards. It’s been hell.

Anyway I want to try circuitpython… and I don’t want to spend a week failing if one of you can tell me where I can start looking and save my sanity a tiny bit.

I’ve had so many problems with USB drivers I enabled the Test mode so I can force unsigned drivers and the like. I’m disclosing this in case that’s the problem. I don’t think it is because it’s been the only reason I’ve been able to use these things somewhat reliably at all.

Is there a special driver for this mode? I can hit reset 2x and the comm port will increment but I never see a drive. Do I need a programmer for this or what?