Xiao RP2040 USB to C#

I have this problem: i have arduino uno board connected to USB, when i push a buttom it sends text that is readed by a c# app, works fine. But, if a change to Xiao RP2040, my c# app dosent trigger when the button is pushed. Seens the way rp2040 communicates via usb is different but with arduino ide serial monitor i can see the text.
What can i do?
Thank you !

Hello, from your description I do not know your communication protocols and methods to acquire the error, can you give me more information about it?

Hello, thank you for your reply. I already over come the problem.
i just needed to add this to lines, setting Rts and Dtr to true and works perfectly:

serialPort.RtsEnable = true;
serialPort.DtrEnable = true;


Thanks for your feedback!