XIAO RP2040 is not visible in Arduino IDE

I just received two XIAO RP2040 boards, 9 December 2021. One of them seems to perform properly within the Arduino IDE. RP2040 provides a PORT and Arduino IDE compiled and uploaded “Blink” creating “NEW.UF2”

The other one is not behaving properly.
One of my RP2040 is not providing a PORT in IDE. The instructions say to LONG Press “B” . I did this and a Drive comes up, “RPI-RP2” , with the contents of:
UF2 Bootloader v3.0
Model: Raspberry Pi RP2
Board-ID: RPI-RP2
However, it apparently never really completes the burn task? The “disk” never goes away!
(At this point, the chip enters Bootloader mode and the burn port appears again
From https://wiki.seeedstudio.com/XIAO-RP2040/#enter-bootloader-mode) If the “bootloader” was back it should have shown up in Arduino IDE. I also tried the same on a Raspberry Pi running the same Arduino IDE version. The same one worked fine, the other does not.
Is there any way to fix the non-compliant RP2040?