XIAO RP2040 Circuitpython correct firmware

The firmware version of CircuitPython for the Raspberry Pi Pico does not work properly for the XIAO RP2040.
There are some pinout settings that are different.

On Circuitpython github, you can see that the card is already inserted into the ports, but for some reason, we didn’t find the firmware already compiled to download.

I managed to compile the firmware properly by following the steps described in Build CircuitPython | Building CircuitPython | Adafruit Learning System

In the “BUILD CIRCUIT PYTHON” step, you should go to the ports/raspberrypi directory ports/raspberrypi

cd ports/raspberrypi 
make BOARD=seeeduino_xiao_rp2040

The compiled firmware will be in the build-seeeduino_xiao_rp2040 folder.

CircuitPython_Seeeduino_XIAO_RP2040.zip (500,0,KB)

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