Xiao Output When told 'High' in Adrunio IDE

Hello everyone,

I am trying to make a Seeedunio Xiao output 3Vs using Arundio IDE.

I am trying to use the function:

int pin = 10;
digitalWrite(pin, HIGH);

In this function what is the voltage given from the pin in use.

Thank you for your time

The processor is powered from a 3.3V regulator driven by the 5Volt (nominal) VBUS voltage on the USB connector. Logic level ‘1’ on output pins will be (approximately) 3.3V, assuming the external circuitry is not drawing more than a few milliamperes.

Default pin mode is set to Input. The pin is “floating.” That is, it is neither pulled high or low by the processor.

If you want the processor to make pins go high or low, you must first set the pin to be an Output.

  pinMode(pin, OUTPUT);

Then you can use digitalWrite() to make the pin go LOW (0V) or HIGH (3.3V)

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