Xiao nRF52840 library selection pro's and con's

I am starting a project using arduino IDE and I see that there is a choice to make at start. Eitheir select the “mbed” BLE libary or select the “adafruit” BLE library.
I would like to have your feedback on the various library (before making a choice).
My application is a very low power device (few months with a 500mAH LiOn) that will perform advance advertising. I need also RTC (at some predefine time the advertising message will change) and QSPI to store the various configurations.
My understanding, reading your various post is that the “adafruit” is the best choice concerning low power consumption and BLE bug-free stability. But does it support QSPI and RTC ? and if yes could I get some basic examples ?

Hi there, Fbd38
I would say it’s close, Msfujino has provided awesome examples and power saving techniques to lower both a good bit. IMO unless your situation is on the cutting edge of battery usage and life, either will do the same, the mbed stuff is more current and get’s the most updates also IMO and limited experience.
The adafruit stuff just works, albeit better with their hardware and a ShoeHorn with seeeds’s implementations is/are sometimes required.
My .02
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Another option for optimal results is the official nRF Connect SDK from Nordic.

See for example

Alas, it relies on Zephyr OS, which may raise a serious challenge with the device-tree approach taken from Linux.

Thanks PJ_Glasso. I decided to use the Adafruit stuff (also because I have some BLE M33 adafruit boards). In the past (when it was driven by ARM) I’ve used to use MBED with STM32 boards. I was quite satisfied with it.

I did some library with the buit-in QSPI memory (storage of configuration), if somone is interested please ask.

By the way, what is a “ShoeHorn” ?

Thanks Reivillo. I have seen this “Zephyr” stuff. It is probabely necessary for debuging complex application. I do not have the technical level (and time) to invest into such tool. And if I will change tools form Arduino IDE more likely, I will consider using PlatformIO.

Hi there, Yes Good Choice, Kinda how I roll. Arduino IDE for general testing and prototyping,
If it’s a big project requiring allot of Debugging, Then PlartformIO and VScode is the much better for Debugger and single-stepping code and watching variables ,etc. Works with ESP-Proggy and JLink probes well. I have some threads on here showing the connection, output and code stepping with Xiao nRF52840 BLE Sense chip…
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