Xiao nRF52840 DFU doc and QSPI Mem usage?

I would like to perform Firmware update Over the Air. I guess it is what is call DFU.

Where can I found example and documentation to use it ? I tried but fail ! the DFU service is not recognized by the Nordic dedicated Android application.

Second question: is the DFU using the QSPI Mem (which is on the xiao board) ? and if yes, what remains left for my application, if any ? I want to keep part of the memory even when I perform FW update.

Finally: my application is very low power app (if must stand for weeks on a 150mAh). Is the DFU compatible ?


Hi There, fbd38
I would suggest search for “OVER The Air Update for Nrf52840” or " BLE OTA" should show you what you need. I have read a couple of successful configurations and Yes the On-board QSPI holds the partition you setup prior too, with the size and code needed to DFU flash the Firmware from the Onboard Flash to the Internal. Resets and GO! (In one case the Original code was also preserved incase of a roll back)
You can ALSO put it into a Grove Expansion Board with the Extra Flash Chip installed. (see my Demo & Code posted)
GL :slight_smile: PJ :v:

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