Xiao fails to Upload ... have to reset every time!

Just got a couple of Xiao’s, look great but uploading with Arduino IDE is frustrating. The XIAO shows up in the IDE on COM4, I can select it and ‘Get Board Info’ reports ‘Seeduino Xiao’ with everything filled in. However if I try to upload the Blink sketch the IDE eventually reports that an error occurred with no other info.

When use the RST contacts it seems Xiao changes from COM4 to COM5 - I have to re-select ‘Port’ in the IDE. I can then upload successfully… BUT only ONCE. When the upload is completed the IDE then shows the XIAO on COM4 rather than COM5 and I can’t upload again.

Any suggestions please???


It’s a problem with the IDE, You have to select the port each time and the board again if you use the serial monitor. Super PITA, I made a video on it, but it works every time for me. It’s does reset the board after uploading so the serial monitor is disconnected, until you select the first board in the menu up top. Just like the Board manager search is broken & not case sensitive so it can’t tell the difference for some board names, and it doesn;'t stick Ie. You select the Mbed board the nest time its the non-mbed selected, No default setting. Kinda Sucky iyam
GL :slight_smile:

Thanks PJ, for video too. Will just have to put up with it :((