Xiao Expansion Board

Hope someone can help. I’ve been using the XIAO Expansion Board (XEB) now for a while and it’s been great. I have a BME/BMP280 connected to the breakout sockets on the XEB and am using the OLED display to show a temperature graph. I recently added the buzzer to give a short chirp when the graph reaches 100 points and restarts from 0. It was working perfectly yesterday when I unplugged the USB cable from my laptop. This morning when I plugged it in I got no response from anything. No connection ding from Windows, no OLED display, no flashing green LED on the XEB, and no LED on the XIAO. Unplugged the XIAO from the XEB and it works fine. Power LED comes on, it’s recognized by my laptop and I can upload to it with success. I plug it back in to the XEB and again, nothing. I did notice that there is some heat coming from the chips on the XEB that are located between the headers. I even tried uploading the “BareMinimum” sketch to the XIAO and plugging it in. Still nothing.

Hi Dan

My XEB broke down just like yours.
Below is a link to my post.