XIAO ESP32S3 (sense) with Camera Microphone WiFi and SD card has shipped

XIAO ESP32S3 Camera Microphone WiFi and SD card. has shipped to some areas. Please like or comment if you have one. I just got one and am testing it.

Question for Seeed. How do we tell which version of the manual install software is on the Getting started page ? The present version April 18-2023 has a serial monitor issue

The green thing is a 3D Printed clip to help hold the Boot button down while plugging in the cable. The button is really tiny and the board is tiny making it hard to plug in the USB-C cable. the clip helps, I hope it doesn’t break the button.

Hi @Jer Is there any hardware reference available for XIAO ESP32S3?
I am making a carrier PCB for this board and pre-ordered it.

I haven’t found a good reference yet, but I am sure someone else reading this has. Good luck with the PCB. I really like how the camera plugs into the main board using a connector.

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I am planning to trace the dimensions from XIAO ESP32-C3 module in CAD and add padding options for pogo pins for the ESP32-S3 model.

I am putting most of my findings about the XIAO Sense here in this github. The spreadsheets have information about working examples from my in-person Robotics course

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@Jer Your progress looks good! Amazing work