XIAO ESP32S3 Sense with camera and 8 fast PWM outputs possible?

While watching the real time video over WiFi I want to steer a ROV with 4 motors, which are connected with h-bridge boards.
With ledcSetup for each of the 8 channels I want to set the frequency to 16000 (16 kHz).
Are 8 GPIO pins free for that purpose? (I do not need the microphone)
Thank you for discussion

the pin function of GPIO1-8 is shown below.

I ascertains that the camera software uses also one PWM channel whereupon the ESP32S3 microcontroller has all in all only 8 PWM channels.
So I have to search for a DC motor driver board with one PWM channel and binary input to determine the direction,
Have you an idea?

Do you mean to know which pins can be connected to the DC motor driver board with one PWM channel you mentioned?
In fact, the pins that support analog all support pwm.

Now it occurred to me:
I could dynamically change the pin assignment on the ESP32 board by program, that instead of 2 PWM GPIOs only one GPIO with ledcAttachPin() is used and the pin for the other direction is disabled with ledcDetachPin() and set to 0 with digitalWrite(GPIO, 0). I still have to experiment whether such a redefining works